Regular Members

  • Any person who has served in an artillery Unit on Vancouver Island, no matter what trade
  • Any person in the artillery trades who served in any military organization on Vancouver Island
  • Any person who served in an artillery trade in Canada or any of its allies who now lives full or part-time on Vancouver Island
  • Any person who served in a Canadian Artillery Unit (no matter what trade) who now lives full or part-time on Vancouver Island

Associate Member

  • An individual whose spouse (or former spouse), parent or child is a Regular Member
  • An individual given membership from the Board of Directors based on their demonstrated support of the Association


Artillery trade    includes, but not limited to:  field artillery member, air defence artillery member, field artillery officer, air defence artillery officer,

Vancouver Island  includes all of the Islands currently known as the Gulf Islands

Serving  includes all those serving in a military capacity or in a civilian capacity

Canadian Artillery Unit includes a Field, Air Defence or General Service Regiment or Independent Battery or an Artillery School

Members who are part of the Cadet Instructor Cadre (“CIC”) or Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (“COATS”) who have been officially part of a Cadet Corps that is or was at the time of their service affiliated with a Canadian Artillery Unit are eligible for regular membership, if they live full or part-time on Vancouver Island or the Artillery Unit they were affiliated with, was on Vancouver Island.